Chiropractic Treatment For Vertigo In Surprise, AZ

Vertigo is a debilitating condition where patients experience room spinning and heavy gravity like sensations in their body. Many times, you can see the room spinning when you have your eyes open. This can be a life changing condition that leaves many people disabled and suffering, luckily ABC technique has identified the root cause for most of these cases. If you haven’t watched the video on ABC technique, I would go watch that first before reading onwards. Vertigo is caused by two main problems.:

  1. Spinal cord tension and brainstem pulling
  2. Displaced crystals within the ear

This issue is caused by two main reasons. The first is forward slumped posture. This stereotypical poor posture is caused when bones of the spine get stuck forwards. The moment a bone slips forward the body loses mechanical advantage and will slump down. When this happens, the spinal cord housed within the spine becomes stretched over this acute angle. This decreases the communication of the spinal cord and causes neurological symptoms, in this case vertigo. To make matters worse, because the spinal cord attaches to the brain it will cause a pulling on the brainstem. Chronic brainstem tension leads to a worsening of vertigo symptoms over time. On top of that, your body will build an internal scar tissue within the spine that binds your bones to your spinal cord. This further increases the tension in your spinal cord and brainstem. This is by far the most common cause of vertigo.

Secondarily, some patients can have displaced crystals within their inner ear. These crystals oversee helping to maintain balance. Once displaced, patients can experience clumsiness, vertigo, and the heavy gravity like symptoms. This is the least common cause of vertigo we find in our clinic. 9/10 times the problem is spinal cord and brain tension.

To correct this issue, we will deeply investigate which of these causes you are experiencing. If we find it is poor posture and spinal cord/brainstem tension, then we will correct your posture utilizing ABC methods. First, we will find what bones are forward and we will bring them backwards. Secondly, we will do full body stretching techniques that are designed to break up the internal scar-tissue you have built within the spine. This is why we change posture so quickly utilizing this technique as you can see on our website.

If we find that the issue lies with a set of displaced ear crystals, there are different maneuvers we can do for you to shift the crystals back into place. We will also give you at home maneuvers to do on your own that will further help to get the crystals back into position.

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