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Dr. Bain is a wholistic Arizona-based healer who addresses all aspects of health concerns. At

the age of 21 Dr. Bain was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis; a serious neurological disorder
that attacks the brain and spinal cord. Within months, Dr. Bain was almost bound to a wheelchair.
Due to the severity of his illness he had to drop out of college and focus full time on his health.
He was thrust into the medical healthcare system and quickly realized that our medical system
was only concerned with drugs, surgeries, money, and symptom management. Not about
finding the root-cause to anything.
This forced him to learn all about natural health treatments and diet. He made radical changes
to his lifestyle at the time which improved his MS drastically. He was able to return to school
and graduate with honors. He then started chiropractic college to pursue his doctorate.
Once there, he quickly realized that traditional chiropractic methods were not working to
permanently correct anything. In fact, he noticed that everyone around him including himself were
getting worse the more chiropractic treatment they had!
This led him to do several years of research
to discover the origins to what actually creates spinal issues. After three years he finally made the
pivotal discoveries but hadn’t invented how to fix what he found. By chance Dr. Bain & a collaeague of his came upon a technique called Advnaced Biostructural Correction which had the same research but had already invented the technique.
After years of treatment with ABC Dr. Bain reversed the remaining portions of his MS, finally curing it. He then opened his practice in Surprise in 2019 beginning the journey of fixing others with what he had learned.
But once in practice he noticed a small portion of patients still couldn’t get well permanently of
their conditions. Frustration insued, and thus research began once again. It appeared these patients had a lot of symptoms that were not neurological or structural in nature. They appeared to be chemical or nutritional.
This is what led Dr. Bain to find Nutrition Response Testing, which is a tecnhqiue that can get to the root-cause origin of these types of health challenges. This began to improve the vast majority of patients in that small sliver of unresponding people.  But this wasn’t enough.
In his third year in practice he noticed that there was an incredibly small number of patients that no matter what anyone did would not improve no matter what. He also noticed they were people who typically had very traumatic Upbringings, or did not handle their emotions well. He started to be suspicious that there was something to that.
After doing a lot of research and with some luck he found The Emotion Code & The Body Code.
Which is a technique that can release these traumatic pasts, emotions, and stuck energies in order to allow the individual to heal. This brings us to today where Dr. Bain is proficient in these three categories of structure, nutrition, and energy which gives him the tools
to address any type of patient that walks through the door.
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