Endonasal Correction

Many patients suffer with a lot of head and facial symptoms that never resolve long-term, no matter what treatment methods they pursue. Do you suffer with any of the following?

endonasal correction pre & post result

Then you may need endonasal correction. Endonasal correction is the process of finding and correcting facial bones that are out of place. How do bones of the face get out of position? Trauma! Have you ever been punched? Hit with a baseball/softball? Fell and hit your head? All these traumas can/do knock bones of your face out of place.

The reason this is a big deal is because the wrapping of your spinal cord actually attaches to your facial bones inside your face/head. When the facial bones have been distorted a tension is built in your spinal cord and can cause a variety of neurological symptoms. The ones listed above are just some of the most common we see corrected/alleviated with endonasal correction.

pre & post result endonasal correction

Pictured on this page are just some of the before and after photographs of facial changes after a session of endonasal correction.

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