Nutrition Response Testing in Surprise, AZ

What is Nutrition Response Testing?

Nutrition Response Testing is a system of body analysis to find the root cause of health challenges. When these causes are addressed through safe, non-invasive nutritional intervention, the body can heal itself to create optimum health and wellness.

Who Created Nutrition Response Testing?

Nutrition Response Testing was created by Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN, in the early 90’s. At the time, Dr. Ulan became very ill with an unknown illness. This drove Dr. Ulan to search out new methods of creating optimal health because when he pursued help with modern medicine he found no answers.

Nutrition Response Testing Vs. Modern Medicine

Nutrition Response Testing is a whole body analysis system, a completely different way of looking at health in contrast to the established medical model. There are two ways to look at health:

Nutrition Response Testing

  1. Evaluates the body as a whole, i.e. one system of the body can shut down others
    Views symptoms for what they are, an attempt at healing
  2. Does not treat symptoms or disease, looks for root-cause of ill health
  3. Supports weak areas of the body utilizing dietary changes, food supplements, herbs, and homeopathic remedies to restore health.


  1. Evaluates the body in pieces, i.e. splits the body into sections. Example: cardiologist, gastroenterologist, rheumatologist
  2. Views symptoms as the disease, not a healing reaction of the body
  3. Treats symptoms & disease, no discussion about where these things are come from
  4. Treats symptoms and disease with pharmaceutical drugs and surgery

Nutrition Response Testing Process:

Nutrition response testing is based on the research of many people and professionals over a large period of time. It has been discovered that the body is broken down into what can be called “reflex zones” or “energy zones”. These areas on the body are neurologically and energetically related to different organs in the body. These areas were discovered over several hundred years from its earliest inception in Chinese medicine, to osteopathy, and finally to chiropractors & nutritionists. Nutrition Response Testing practitioners can utilize these reflex zones to analyze the flow of energy into these organs.

This is done by having the practitioner touch these zones whilst also testing the strength of the patient’s arm by gently pressing against it. An organ with healthy energy flow will produce a firm “locked” arm from the patient when stressed by the practitioner. An organ that may be struggling to receive normal energy flow will produce a weak or “unlocked” arm when stressed by the practitioner.

Once all organ zones have been tested and weak areas have been identified, what do we do? The next step is to then identify what targeted nutritional supplements, herbs, or homeopathic remedies will be needed to combat and reverse this energetic weakness. The practitioner will begin to grab different formulations of targeted nutrition to place on the patient’s body to see what nutrients will strengthen the weak reflex zones identified on the patient earlier in the exam. An arm that was previously weak or “unlocked” will now become strong and “locked” when the right targeted nutrition is place upon the body.

There will likely be several nutrients needed to strengthen these weak reflex zones which will become the patient’s customized nutritional program to follow at home in-between follow-up visits. That’s it! The wonderful thing about Nutrition Response Testing is that over time patients will see how things are changing and progressing in their body as well as their nutritional programs. The goal is to reach the point where when the practitioner tests the patient, there will no longer be weak reflex zones on subsequent visits. When a patient achieves this, it is typical for them to have wonderfully improved health!

In medicine, when organs are found to be weak they are typically treated with drugs or cut-out with surgery. In stark contrast, Nutrition Response Testing has the goal of identifying body weaknesses and then supporting them with nutritional intervention in hopes of giving the body the targeted nutrition it needs to heal itself.

Targeted Nutritional Intervention:

Unfortunately due to the way we live our lives, it is very difficult to find optimal health in the modern day. Due to poor air, water, and food. To high stress lives, chemical farming practices, and processed diets; we are no longer living in a world that supports great health. Because of this, it is very common for even the average person with little to no symptoms to have several weak organ reflex zones.

Over decades of time different whole-food supplements had to be designed in order to combat the various nutritional deficiencies, toxicities, and weaknesses of the modern patient. The longer time has gone on, more types and variations of supplements have had to be created in order to restore health back to patients with ever-growing complex issues. When you arrive for your first visit with us you will see the large abundance of nutritional interventions that can be tested against your weak reflex zones.

Tens of Thousands of People have Utilized Nutrition Response Testing.

  1. By analyzing the body’s reflex zones, we determine the exact nutrients you need to supplement along with your diet in order to create better health.
  2. These targeted nutritional supplements are created from whole food, herbs, and homeopathic remedies. Formulated over long periods of time based upon growing needs. These are to be utilized as a supplement to your diet. These are not to balance a bad diet, but to enhance a good one.
  3. Depending on the situation, a patient may have to modify or change their diet in order for this system to work best. In order to put out a fire you have to extinguish the flames.

Lastly, each patient is different. But the great thing about Nutrition Response Testing is that it has the capability to find the right customized nutrition needed for each person. Healing takes time, but finally a plan can be created to find the best way out of ill health.

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