Advanced Biostructural Correction technique has discovered the exact reasons why regular chiropractic has not been effective for many patients. Here are the pivotal discoveries ABC™ addresses:

  1. Bones of the spine misalign forwards. So, we adjust them backwards.
  2. The body builds scar tissue within the spine, binding the bones and the nervous system together.

ABC™ technique is the only technique that addresses these two issues. The reason bones get stuck forward is because it is the only direction where there is no muscle or combination of muscles capable of correcting it. If you look at the muscles of the back, you will notice they are all parallel to the spine. The best the body can do is to twist the bones and pull them down. This pivotal observation explains why the results of regular chiropractic are very unpredictable, and why many patients never get beyond their initial complaint.

To address the scar tissue within the spine we do maneuvers called meningeal releases. These are full body stretches with the intent to release this scar tissue, allowing the spine to continue to change far beyond the initial complaint.

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