Chiropractic Treatment For Neuropathy/Peripheral Neuropathy In Surprise, AZ

Neuropathy is a painful condition that is becoming more common in the modern world. Patients are plagued with constant pains in the hands and feet. This condition has multiple causes which can leave many patients suffering even when getting treatment. The most common causes are:

  1. Spinal/Neurological
    1. As we have discussed with other conditions, having structural issues within the spine directly affects the nervous system. If you haven’t read our section on ABC Chiropractic make sure you go check that out first for a more in depth explanation. The biggest issue that occurs for the average patient is the forward slumped posture over time. This forward posture is caused by bones of the spine getting stuck forward for a multitude of reasons. Anything from bending over incorrectly, the type of work you do, old injuries, car accidents, sitting too much, and more. Once bones get stuck forward you create the forward slumped posture commonly seen in most people. When you become chronically stuck forward and/or get injuries directly to the spine you build an internal scar-tissue that binds your spine together from the inside. This scar-tissue acts like a glue which causes a multitude of health issues.
    2. When you combine these two things together you end up creating a traction on the spinal cord (the nervous system) and the brainstem. This tractioning transfers down the entire nervous system and into the nerves that lead to the feet. This cuts off nerve communication which can lead to chronic pain disorders such as neuropathy.
  2. Type Two Diabetes/Blood Sugar Regulation Issues
    1. Now more common than ever is the connection between type two diabetes and neuropathy. One thing people have to understand is that type two diabetes is a completely curable disease naturally. Type two diabetes is caused by overconsumption of added sugars and artificial sweeteners. This leads to high blood sugar levels and chronic inflammatory conditions. The nerves of the body are directly damaged by high blood sugar levels and thus you get chronic pain disorders like neuropathy.
  3. Undiagnosed Plantar Fasciitis
    1. Many people who suffer with foot pain are told it is neuropathy because they have a diagnosis of type two diabetes. This leaves many patients with an incorrect diagnosis who in fact have plantar fasciitis, a completely different condition with different origins. You can go to our plantar fasciitis page and read all about it, but this condition has it’s cause directly in the structure of the foot.

In order to correct this condition, we must address all its components. Number one, we must correct the spinal structure and remove the scar-tissue that has been built within the spine. This will relieve the traction on the spinal cord and brainstem which will re-establish communication to the nerves of the hands and feet. Second, we must address the type two diabetes/blood sugar regulation issues if they are present. This will require specific dietary changes and targeted nutritional supplementation to correct. Lastly, we will analyze the feet to check for and correct the structural issues that are there so the foot can function properly, without pain.

This multi-factorial approach is what gives us the better results with neuropathy than traditional clinics.


“Dr. Bain is an amazing person who has taken care of me for several months. He has changed the way my whole body moves and has decreased the pain in my back. I have never had a doctor like him. He continues to heal my body and has helped my walk again. Thanks to him for starting me on the path to wellness in my whole body.”
Carrie R.

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