Chiropractic Treatment For Neuropathy/Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy can be a debilitating condition for patients to suffer with. Most commonly it occurs in the extremities at the feet/arms/and hands. This unique condition has several causes both commonly known and uncommon.

  1. Type Two Diabetes
  2. Structural Dysfunction/Neurological Tension
  3. Chemical Imbalance

In science we now know that type two diabetics get severe nerve damage in different areas of the body over time. Having a constantly raised blood sugar level in the body causes problems for several reasons:

  • Sugar is a pro-inflammatory substance that promotes tissue damage and breakdown. Many patients who suffer with this condition have highly swollen legs/ankles/and feet. Having long-term inflammation breaks down the surrounding tissues and damages the nerves of the legs and feet. This leads to the stereotypical symptoms of burning, tingling, numbness, and pain in the legs/feet.

The solution is to find the root-cause of the type two diabetes in your bloodwork and lifestyle. We will make changes to your diet that will lower your blood sugar as well as identify any nutrional deficiencies and correct them with concentrated food pills and herbs.

Structurally, there are two major causes of neuropathy/peripheral neuropathy. If you haven’t watched our video on ABC technique, please go watch that first and come back to this. It is based upon two issues that occur within the spine that lead to these issues.

  1. Bones that get knocked forwards that have no muscle or combination of muscles to self-correct them
  2. Internal scar-tissue that builds within the spine when there is chronic forward posture and injury.

When a bone of the spine gets stuck forward there is a loss of mechanical advantage. This causes the stereotypical slumping posture we see in the average patients. Shoulders rolled forward, head down, chest collapsed, and weight distributed onto the toes. The solution is to bring these bones backwards in order to restore the mechanical advantage back to the body and restore proper posture. Therefore, regular chiropractic care is unable to fix posture and correct issues long-term. They push the bones of the body more forward; you cannot fix a forward problem by pushing someone more forward.

To rid the body of this internal scar-tissue we do full body stretching techniques that are designed to get your body into the position in which this scar-tissue built, and then stretch through it to release it out of your body.

Lastly, there can be nutrional deficiencies that can lead to a worsening of neuropathy symptoms. For example, two of these nutrients (Iodine and magnesium) when deficient can cause pain deep within your body causing symptoms like tremors, pain, skin reactions, cramps, and more. Once we read your bloodwork functionally (please watch our video on functional nutrition), we can tell you exactly what you need to take.

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