Chiropractic Treatment For Disc Bulges/Herniation in Surprise AZ

Disc bulges/herniations/degenerated discs can be a life altering condition for many people. Many people have this condition for years and have no clue it is developing until an acute episode of symptoms usually strikes them. Some of the symptoms most people experience are:

  • Pain/Sciatica
  • Numbness/Tingling
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue/Sleeplessness
  • Muscle Atrophy/Shrinking
  • Loss of Reflexes
  • And more!

Up until now many people have been led to believe that there is nothing to do besides surgery for this condition. This could not be further from the truth. The main reason this issue develops is from a structural weakness in the disc material. The intervertebral disc is comprised of two main structures the annulus fibrosis and the nucleus pulposis. The annulus fibrosis are the interwoven fibers that comprise the outer portion of the disc. These fibers are woven in a very specific pattern to protect your disc and allow a wide range of movements. When these fibers become damaged the inner portion (nucleus pulposis) can begin to push outwards into the spinal cord and exiting nerves. When this occurs your decrease communication of that nerve and will begin to experience various neurological symptoms. But here’s the thing, the herniation/bulge itself is only a symptom of the bigger issue. The reason these fibers become weak in the first place is because of what happens to the vertebrae. At some point In time whether by repetitive motions or trauma bones of your spine will get knocked forward and down. When this happens, the fibers on the back of the disc become stretched. Over time this stretching becomes worse as more bones continue to be stuck forwards. Leading to slumped forward posture and further weakening of your discs. This eventually leads to a large tearing of the disc which we call a disc herniation. To make matters worse, when your posture becomes slumped from these forward bones a stretching occurs in the spinal cord itself. This leads to a pulling on the brainstem which further aggravates these neurological symptoms. This spinal cord/brainstem tension is what makes bulges and herniations worse because the spinal cord is so tight that is stretches over the bulge/herniation and creates more intense symptoms.

This forwardness is the main reason that regular chiropractic and bodywork cannot fix these issues long-term. When we look at their treatment methods, they are in fact pushing people more forward. This is because their main treatment method is to lay people face down and press on their back which results in more forward bones. To compound on this issue, they also twist the neck and low back areas for treatment. This is especially damaging for individuals with herniations/bulges because the stretched and damaged fibers of the disc cannot take this twisting action. That is why many people with these issues can become worse with that type of treatment because it can further tear the fibers. We also know anatomically that the direction the fibers are woven in the disc make it especially weak to the twisting motion.

If that wasn’t enough, the body also builds a large amount of internal scar tissue within the spine when these major injuries occur. ABC technique is the only bodywork technique that has designed conservative methods in order to remove this internal scar tissue. The problem with this scar tissue is that is directly connects the inside of your spine to your spinal cord. This further increases the spinal cord/brainstem tension problem and creates stiffness as you age.

The beauty of ABC methodology is that we can directly correct the root-cause of these problems. First, we will move the bones of the spine backwards and restore the proper posture of the body. This will also re-establish the normal disc mechanics and alleviate the stretching on the disc, allowing it to properly heal over time. Secondly, once the posture has improved enough we will have eliminated the tension that was built in the spinal cord/brainstem which will begin to eliminate the neurological symptoms you are experiencing. Lastly, we will do specific full spine stretches that are targeted at eliminating the internal scar-tissue that has developed within the spine.

All these things will lead to a long-term correction of the issue that is not seen with regular treatment methods.

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