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About Dr. Bain

Dr. Bain is a Minnesota-based chiropractor with a passion for helping others, from relieving the back pain of his patients to mentoring other chiropractors and physical therapists. He holds a chiropractic doctorate from Northwestern Health Sciences University and a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology from California State University Fullerton, among others.

His experiences with regular chiropractic techniques frequently left him with numbness and tingling, driving him to conduct a three-year research project into chiropractic methods. This led him to discover the ABC™ technique, which fixes the root cause of spinal pain and neurological symptoms while explaining the problems with conventional practice. Indeed, his own back problems have been effectively corrected by this technique, giving him firsthand insight into its effectiveness.

Dr. Bain

About Dr. Malone

Dr. Shaun Malone graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1999 with the distinguished “Most Outstanding Graduate” award. He is a second-generation chiropractor born and raised in Glendale Arizona where he opened his first practice in January 2000. The first 12 years of his career were filled with travel across the country studying post-graduate techniques, functional medicine, human behavior and nutrition. His practice was doing well and expanding, and life was good.

After a motorcycle accident in 2012 left him with a broken spine, his health and body began to quickly deteriorate. The following nine years were filled with a series of medical procedures, chiropractors, needle injections, burning of the nerves, pain medication, and uncertainty. Nothing was working and hopelessness set in.

Upon meeting Dr. Bain, and beginning ABC care, his miraculous recovery began. This unique chiropractic technique that addresses scar tissue in the spine started to release the adhesions that were keeping his body from healing. The following months were filled with improvements in pain, posture, sleep, and breathing. Chronic problems in his shoulders, knees, and ankles disappeared. His testimony for ABC became so strong, he could no longer deny this amazing healing approach. He decided to join our Springback practice and commit the remainder of his career to the mastery of the ABC technique. In his words, “I simply want to provide the exact same care that gave me back my life”.

Dr. Malone is happily married to Penny for 23 years and has as son and daughter attending colleges here in Arizona. He loves golfing but hasn’t given up on his passion for motorcycles.

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