Congratulations on booking your first chiropractor appointment at SpringBack Chiropractic. We strive to create a welcoming, friendly, and stress-free experience from your first time speaking and throughout your time working with Dr. Bain and the staff.

We provide information on general questions about chiropractic treatments on our faq page. In addition, we are always available by phone or email if you have any questions prior to your first appointment. This is very helpful in knowing what to expect with your first chiropractic visit.

The Chiropractic Consultation

We recommend you arrive a few minutes early for your first appointment. This allows you time to complete our patient and medical history forms. This is essential to have at the initial consultation as it helps us to understand any medical conditions that may be present or that may be an issue in your family. Dr. Bain will review this information and discuss your medical history as part of the first consultation.

For the first exam, what to expect at a chiropractor visit is like your first visit to a medical doctor. We will take basic information, including your blood pressure, respiration, and your pulse. The doctor will then examine the area of the body that is creating the problem.

In some cases, Dr. Bain may order specific types of tests to fully understand all aspects of your injury. We then create a customized treatment plan, explain it to you, and complete your first adjustment. We then schedule your next sessions based on your treatment plan.

Most patients also wonder how long are chiropractor appointments, and this depends on the treatment recommended. The first appointment is typically a bit longer, with subsequent appointments approximately 30 minutes.

Reach out to us at 623-226-7527 if you have any questions before your first chiropractor appointment.

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