Chiropractic Care For Type 2 Diabetes In Surprise, AZ

Now more common than ever is the diagnosis of diabetes. There is a lot of confusion around this subject so we have to clarify where this disease originates. There are two types of diabetes, type one and type two.

Type one: This is a condition that is present from birth. It is a malfunction of a specific set of cells of the pancreas called the beta cells. These are the cells responsible for making the hormone insulin. Insulin oversees taking glucose (blood sugar) from the blood and storing it in places for current and future use. Some examples would be the muscles, liver, fat cells, the brain, etc. In patients with type one diabetes the pancreas does not produce enough of this hormone causing high blood sugar levels and an array of health issues. The direct solution to this disease is to use synthetic insulin when necessary as an injection.

Type two: Type two diabetes is the more common form of this condition. Type two diabetes is a lifestyle induced disease caused by the overconsumption of added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and simple carbohydrates. This leads to high blood sugar levels and chronic inflammatory/degenerative conditions. Many patients and their doctors are misinformed that type two diabetes is a disease for life and that you must be on pharmaceutical drugs indefinitely. This could not be further from the truth. Typically, with proper dietary modifications and nutritional supplementation, patient’s blood sugar levels drop dramatically within two months. Usually enough to drop the diagnosis of type two diabetes and safely come off their diabetic medications with the direction of their physician.

In our clinic we will evaluate your lab work throughout your care and help you make the proper modifications to your diet to begin the process of lowering your blood sugar levels. We will also evaluate your nutritional status and shore up any of the deficiencies that we identify within your lab work. There are several vitamins and minerals that are involved in blood sugar regulation that become deficient when patient’s have chronic high blood glucose levels. As with all natural solutions things will take time, but we will work together as a team to get your back to health!

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