Chiropractic Treatment For Poor Posture/Hyperkyphosis

Chiropractic Treatment For Poor Posture Surprise AZ


Chiropractic Treatment For Poor Posture Surprise AZ

Poor posture and hyperkyphosis are caused by the same mechanisms discussed when we talked about ABC™ technique. It is an accumulation of several things:

  1.  Forward bones in the spine.
  2. Scar tissue within the spine.
  3. Compression fractures within the spine later in life.
  4. Congenital abnormalities in bone.


  • Poor posture can easily be corrected utilizing ABC technique in most patients.
  • Hyperkyphosis can be corrected but will take much longer because there is usually more damage that has occurred.
  • Patients who come in with compression fractures may never get ideal posture but can have a significant improvement.
  • Patients who have congenital anomalies may never get ideal posture, but despite this theytendto improve greatly.
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