Chiropractic Treatment For Headaches & Neck pain In Surprise, AZ

Headaches/Migraines Treatment
Chiropractic Treatment for Headaches & Neck pain in Surprise AZ

These three conditions are common ailments of the modern patient. With further increases in a sedentary lifestyle combined with the use of technology; patients are putting their spines in forward postures more than ever. This bent over position causes a condition nicknamed “tech neck” which pulls the bones out of alignment. This causes the body to compensate by spasming the muscles of the neck and head leading to neck pain, headaches, and even the triggering of migraines.

Try something for me right now, take your hand and feel the muscles on the back of your neck all the way up to your head. Many of you will feel very tight muscles and lumps also known as trigger points in the musculature of your neck. This is a chronic compensation for having the bones in your spine stuck forward. Remember, when a bone of the spine misaligns forward & down the body does not have a muscle that is able to correct this. To compensate for that, the body will spasm the muscles of your back, neck, and shoulders in order to lean you back.

Why is this important?

We finally have an explanation for why muscles continue to spasm no matter how many times they are loosened up. It also explains why we see scoliosis and reversed neck curvatures. These are all compensations for the real problem; bones that are knocked forward, and internal scar tissue.

If you recall from our video on ABC technique, along with bones being knocked forward we also build a thick scar-tissue within the spine. This scar tissue binds directly between the inside of the bones and the nervous system.

Both issues; the forward bones & the internal scar tissues create the problem of tension in your nervous system and brainstem. There is a structure within the spine called the spinal cord which is the connecting tube to the brain. All communication of the body must come through this tube from the brain down and from the body up. When you have a forward posture due to forward bones and scar tissue this cord becomes stretched. This stretch translates all the way up to the brainstem causing neurological symptoms.

Examples: Pain, numbness/tingling, headaches, migraines, vertigo, balance issues, sciatica, and more!

ABC™ technique moves the bones back into their proper position allowing the body to relax these spasmed muscles and eliminate the neurological symptoms. Secondly, we will remove the internal scar tissue by doing full spine stretches that get that scar tissue tight and then break it up.

Some headaches & migraines can also stem from untreated health issues that we address with functional nutrition. Remember, functional nutrition is a different way of analyzing lab work. Instead of looking/waiting for diseases to develop we will analyze your lab work for body function. When we find an organ/system is not functioning optimally we will support it with the necessary vitamins, herbs, minerals, etc that will help to alleviate the cause of the issues at the source instead of treating the symptoms.

This is one of the major reasons why so many people who have symptoms are labeled normal by their doctors. Medically, lab work is analyzed for diseases only and the solution is symptom treatment. This leaves many people who are sick to be labeled normal because their lab work is not bad enough yet to be called a disease.

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