Multiple Sclerosis and ALS Treatment Surprise AZ

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease I have a personal connection with because I was diagnosed with it myself many years ago. Luckily, I was able to get rid of mine through a combination of ABC™ and functional nutrition. This doesn’t mean every single case of MS or more serious diseases like ALS always have a connection within the causes we address, but many do.
MS and ALS are both neurological diseases that according to accepted medical literature has no known origin or highly effective treatment. This leaves many people with little to no options except to suffer and succumb to their conditions. I am going to discuss several causes that I have found to be involved in these conditions in some way.

  1. Neurological & Brainstem Tension
  2. Chemical Imbalance
  3. Body Toxicity and Damage

Utilizing ABC technique our goal is to decrease the tension on the spinal cord and increase the communication from the brain to the body. The famous neurosurgeon Dr. Alf Breig found that when he did this in his research, he dramatically improved and eliminated cases of Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, and the like. His approach to eliminate this “neural tension” was to perform a surgery he invented. This involved a ribbon with two metal blocks on each end, Dr. Breig would screw in one end of the ribbon to the back of the skull, and the other to the back of the vertebrae in the upper middle back. This would fuse the body into having a permanent head tilt (chin up, eyes towards the ceiling). What this achieved was an elimination of spinal cord/brainstem tension that was caused by chronic forward posture (shoulder rolled, head down, slumpy). Luckily, we no longer must perform such surgeries to create the same effect. Utilizing ABC, we have discovered why this forward posture exists in the first place and leads to this tension in the spinal cord and brain. Make sure to watch our video on ABC first if you haven’t yet to understand how. Remember, when the bones of the spine get stuck forward this causes a stretching of your spinal cord and thus your brain. When this issue exists chronically, you build an internal scar tissue that binds everything together from the inside. This fuses you into a bad posture for the foreseeable future.

The solution is to bring these bones backwards and to do full body stretching techniques that break up the internal scar-tissue. This is a massive improvement over Dr. Breig’s work, but it was his experimentation that laid the foundation to these discoveries.

Secondly, a body chemical imbalance can lead to at minimum an aggravation of the condition and at worst cause it. Remember, not all cases that are diagnosed as ALS or MS ARE ALS or MS. Many times, people diagnosed with these conditions are deficient in several different essential vitamins and minerals. They can also have all types of chronic infections and previous toxic exposures that are causing lingering effects. Utilizing functional nutrition we are able to identify many of these potential causes and treat root cause issues using vitamins, herbs, and minerals to correct it. Many times, MS and ALS are a combination of these two things. ALS is the hardest to treat, and many times is too far gone to bring back by the time a patient arrives. But that doesn’t mean it is not worth pursuing. MS on the other hand responds very well and gives the doctor plenty of time to explore treatment.

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