Chiropractic Treatment For Knee/Hip Pain Surprise AZ

Knee pain typically plagues people at several moments throughout their lives. Many times, patients are searching for an answer but are unable to find one. Luckily, there is a mechanical cause to knee pain that can be corrected utilizing this new type of treatment option.

The knees can be damaged and painful for several reasons:

  1. Improper Footwear
  2. Structurally flat feet/high arches
  3. Chronic knee compensation for forward posture
  4. Direct knee damage from an injury

One of the main issues with shoes today is their design and construction. There is a lot of misinformation out there about footwear and how it affects your body. Doing this new type of work, we have discovered that many of these design choices adversely affect the body. First, almost all shoes these days have arch supports in them. This is one of the many areas of footwear that have a lot of misinformation surrounding it. Many doctors tell patients they need arch supports and large orthotics. These devices shift around your foot structure and may alleviate knee pain while you wear your shoes but over time, they end up creating more problems than there was to begin with.

  • Constantly propping up the bottom of your feet with arch supports makes your body reliant upon them. This weakens the muscles at the bottom of the foot and allows the foot to flatten further when the bones of the foot get stuck down.
  • Most footwear also has too narrow of a toe box at the front. This causes the toes to become scrunched inwards and causes bunions at the big and little toe.

Secondly, some people were born with very high arches or very flat feet. This is the least common cause of knee pain we find in our clinic, but it is one of the reasons for it. When someone is more prone genetically to having an abnormal foot mechanic sometimes it can be beneficial to have an arch support, sometimes not. The best way to find out is we can do in office testing to see how your posture responds to having arch support in them. This would be more beneficial for patients with flat feet, but not as much for patients with high arches.

Third and most commonly, the knees help to compensate for forward slumped posture. The knees, feet, and hips are three structures that will move themselves into different positions in order to attempt to bring your back backwards. This causes uneven wear and tear of the supporting structures leading to pain, arthritis, and future disability.

Lastly, people can have direct impacts to the knee that cause boney misalignment and damage. Gently moving these bones back into their proper position can be very helpful for this condition.

The main ways we address this issue are as follows:

  1. Analyze your footwear and modify them to better support a proper posture
  2. Correct your forward slumped posture utilizing ABC methods
  3. Move any bones of your foot, knee, or hip that may have been involved from a direct trauma
  4. Support your body in healing with nutrients that may be deficient or causing worsening damage


Can Chiropractic Care Treat Hip Pain?

Yes we can help with hip pain.

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