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You may know that a chiropractor can help you recover from sports injuries, but did you know that a chiropractor can help you improve your athletic performance? If not, you are not alone. A chiropractor for athletes is responsible for helping athletes get their bodies in prime condition for their sports. While this can mean handling injuries, it more often means incorporating care that helps reduce the likelihood that injuries will occur in the first place.

Spring Back Chiropractic in Surprise, AZ is an athletic chiropractor near me that specializes in both preventative care and injury rehabilitation. We use a three-prong approach to help you prevent and recover from injuries:

  • Restore joint mobility
  • Remove nerve interference
  • Align the spine

How do we do that? As a sports chiropractor near me, we focus on manipulating and aligning the spine and other joints, as well as targeting muscles that could be forcing joints out of alignment. Everyone is familiar with the “cracking” or “popping” sound that may accompany some joint manipulation, but a sports injury chiropractor near me is not just releasing gas in joints and making popping sounds. We are actually manipulating the body to change its form and improve function.

How effective is a chiropractor sports near me at treating injuries or eliminating the risk of injuries? Many athletes come to us after experiencing a sports-related injury and find themselves back to full function within as few as two or three visits. Other athletes actually visit us before competitions to ensure that they have a full range of mobility. After all, many sports injuries can be traced to impaired function that limits the range of motion before the actual injury occurs.

Ready to be at peak performance? Contact Spring Back today to set up your first visit and together we will develop a treatment plan to improve your athletic performance.

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