The lower back is designed to provide the support, strength, and flexibility needed by the upper body. Everyday life activities can sometimes cause sensitivity and pain in the lower back. This pain can occur for various reasons. Injuries in the lower back region can cause everything from mild to severe and debilitating pain. Millions of Americans experience lower back discomfort or pain every year. The types of discomfort and pain experienced in the lower back can include spasms, burning sensations, aches, and dull pain. At Spring Back Chiropractic, we offer chiropractic treatment services that can help reduce the pain individuals often experience in their lower backs.

Lower back pain is not always short-term in nature. It can last as long as three months, several years, or a number of decades depending on whether the condition is treated effectively or not.

Managing Lower Back Pain With Chiropractic Pain

An excellent way to manage and relieve pain and swelling caused by lower back pain is through chiropractic care. Regular chiropractic care treatment can reduce lower back pain in a non-invasive, safe, and non-addictive way, as opposed to the risks or side effects that may be present with some prescription or over-the-counter pain medications.

Chiropractors provide noninvasive, non-addictive, gentle therapy in the form of chiropractic adjustments. These adjustments can be made in the lower back area to lessen joint misalignment and restrictions along the spine and other joints of the body which can enhance the function of the joints and nervous system and reduce inflammation. By enhancing mobility and the function of the nervous system and health of the spine, the lower back pain once experienced can be significantly reduced or eliminated.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Lower Back Pain

Some of the health benefits delivered by chiropractic care and adjustments for patients with lower back pain include a reduction of inflammation, reduced discomfort and pain, improved flexibility, extended range of motion, and increased strength and muscle tone.

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