Chiropractic Treatment For Fibromyalgia Surprise AZ

Fibromyalgia Treatment
Fibromyalgia Treatment in Surprise, AZ
Fibromyalgia is a condition where one experiences extreme pain all over the body. This ailment is usually unresponsive to pharmaceutical intervention and leaves many patients left to suffer for years to life. Fibromyalgia is a condition with multiple layers that we need to investigate.
Typically, Fibromyalgia cases are a combination of the issues we look for with ABC™ and also with the functional nutrition.

On the ABC™ side, patients who present to the office with fibromyalgia have developed this condition over many years. It is quite rare for a case to be so severe that it was noticeable as a young adult/child even though this is typically when the problems began. What makes a fibro case different from a typical case of pain? More of everything. If you recall from our video on ABC™ technique, there are two main problems that occur.

1. Bones of the spine get knocked forward causing poor posture and stretching of the spinal cord.
2. The body builds scar-tissue within the spine that binds things together. Further increasing the spinal cord/brain tension.

What we find in cases of fibromyalgia is that these patients have an incredible amount of both issues, built slowly over many years. In order to resolve the issue, we must dig through the many layers that have been built over time. This takes a while, but slowly we will begin to make improvements in the condition over time.

Nutritionally, Fibromyalgia can have many causes. In order to begin to identify some of these causes we must order and analyze blood work. We will be looking at it in under a completely different perspective than traditional medicine.

Our video on functional nutrition will explain it briefly. When you look at bloodwork you can look at it in two ways. One, a medical perspective. Problem with that is that you will fail to identify issues that are building but have not yet progressed to a disease. With functional nutrition we can identify patterns in the lab work that show us how you are trending. For example, we may look at your bloodwork and notice that your liver is not functioning optimally and is trending towards liver disease in the future. Instead of waiting for it to become a disease we will support that organ, detox it, and give your body nutrients targeted at liver healing. Targeting the root cause of the problem instead of treating the symptoms.

In the case of fibromyalgia there are certain nutrients and organs that may need support in order to help the condition. We must identify specifically what these things are in the lab work in order to know how to proceed.

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