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Decompression therapy is a revolutionary piece of technology that has been invented for the purpose of naturally reducing disc bulges and herniations.

Many patients with severe symptoms such as migraines, headaches, numbness, tingling, and sciatica may very well have one or multiples disc herniations or bulges in their body. A herniation/or bulge is when the cartilaginous disc that sits between your vertebrae gets damaged and the fibers tear, allowing the material within to leak out and press into the spinal cord.

Many patients turn to surgeries like discectomies to relieve this issue. Fortunately, with decompression therapy we can avoid surgeries altogether by naturally reducing the size of the herniation/bulge with this new technology.

The decompression table pulls apart the vertebrae with a specific amount of force and angle that targets the specific disc bulge/herniation that we observe on MRI imaging. Over time, the herniation/bulge tends to reduce which eliminates the pressure on the spinal cord and provides relief of the symptoms while avoiding surgical intervention.

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