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Neck Pain, Migraines and Tension Headaches Affecting Your Day to Day Life?

Migraines can have a variety of causes, ranging from emotional triggers such as depression, shock or stress to physical triggers such as poor posture, low blood sugar or overexertion, but what we are seeing more and more often at Springback Chiropractic is that neck pain, migraines and tension headaches are increasingly caused by changes in the modern lifestyle and work environment.

Springback Chiropractic is Here to Find the Cause and Treatment to Ease Your Migraines

An increasing amount of modern patients are now dealing with the debilitating symptoms of migraines and tension headaches. Changes in our work environments and lifestyles are a leading culprit in why. With more and more people working and living a more sedentary lifestyle and the increased use of technology; people are leaning forward more often and putting undue strain on their spines. When the bones are pulled out of alignment, it creates a condition known as “tech neck.”

“Tech Neck” causes the body to compensate through muscle spasms, which can trigger neck pain, migraines and headaches. While this is a fairly new condition, many people are already past preventative measures and treatment from a registered chiropractor is necessary.

At Springback Chiropractic, we offer a unique treatment known as ABC chiropractic or Advanced Biostructural Correction. Simply, most migraines are caused by the misalignment of your spine forward, so we adjust it backwards. This allows the bones to move back into their proper position, which in turn lets your body relax muscle spasms and eliminate neck pain, tension headaches and migraines.

Eliminate Your Pain with Springback Chiropractic, the Top Chiropractor for Migraines in Surprise, AZ

See how our team at Springback Chiropractic can help you eliminate migraine pain for good and get you back to your normal life. Contact our team at Springback Chiropractic by phone at (623) 226-7527, by email at and see what the leading chiropractor for migraines in Surprise, AZ can do for you.

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