Peripheral Neuropathy

Neuropathy is a terrible disease that has a multitude of factors involved. The symptoms of neuropathy can be variable but usually consist of:

  • Numbness/Tingling in the feet or arms
  • Burning in the feet/arms
  • Varicose veins
  • Swelling in the legs/arms
  • Balance issues
  • Skin discoloration, dryness, and peeling
  • And more.

Many patients with peripheral neuropathy also have diabetes. Diabetics have high blood sugar levels which creates acidity within the body. This acidity breaks down healthy tissues and causes health issues all over the body. Neuropathy has several parts:

  1. Lack of blood circulation in the legs/arms
  2. Lack of oxygen in the legs/arms
  3. Lack of neurological communication in the legs/arms
  4. Eventual death of nerves, muscles, and skin of the legs
  5. Amputation

This is the typical progression of peripheral neuropathy if it is not stopped. Our clinic specializes in a unique natural protocol to address all the portions of peripheral neuropathy. After doing an incredibly in depth analysis of the nerves in your arms and legs, and reviewing imaging of your spine we will create a customized protocol for your specific needs. We employ a variety of therapies that are targeted at addressing the root cause issues of peripheral neuropathy.

  1. Vibration therapy both standing and seated
  2. Oxygen therapy
  3. Decompression therapy
  4. Class IV laser therapy
  5. At home red light therapy
  6. Electrical stimulation therapy
  7. At home vibration therapy
  8. Nutritional intervention therapy

Our goal with this protocol is to first stop the progression of nerve death, and then slowly but surely bring the nerves back to some level of health. We are going to target improving your circulation, bringing more oxygen into your tissues, relieving the neurological burden from the spine, and so much more.

It is this unique combination of therapies that we employ that give us such great results with our peripheral neuropathy patients and we are excited to offer it to you as well!

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