Chiropractic Care For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome In Surprise, AZ

Carpal tunnel is a syndrome where patients experience numbness, tingling, and pain down one or both arms into the fingers. Many times, patients are told that the cause of their symptoms is in the wrist. Many wrongly undergo surgery for this condition under this impression. The reality is that many cases of carpal tunnel stems from a combination of several areas of the body including the spine, elbow, and wrist. Addressing only one of these causes does not correct most cases. The major root causes boil down to a few things:

  1. Muscle Impingement Around the Nerve
  2. Wrist bone misalignment
  3. Forward Posture with forward bones and internal spinal scar-tissue

One or all these things can cause this condition. Here is how we address it:

There are several points on the forearm up to the neck where the nerve and muscle cross paths in a way where a tight piece of musculature can cut off the communication of one or several nerves. An easy test that we perform in the office to test for and confirm this is to gently press on each of these muscle points to see if it aggravates the condition. If it does, the tight muscle is involved, and we will loosen it to relieve the tension. Sometimes, old arm and shoulder injuries can build scar-tissue in the muscle bellies and tendons/ligaments. This can further cause nerve impingement. Doing some soft tissue work to the scar tissue to break it up can be greatly impactful for patients with this condition.

Secondly, wrist bone alignment is crucial to keeping a healthy nerve supply to the hand. When one or several of the wrist bones move out of place, they can put direct pressure onto the nerve that runs through the wrist, causing numbness and tingling. By simply checking the wrist and re-aligning the bones we can remove the cause of the carpal tunnel if this is the cause of your issues. We won’t be able to tell until we check it.

Lastly and most importantly, chronic forward posture is a major cause of carpal tunnel. If you haven’t watched out video on ABC make sure you go and watch that first and come back. Poor posture is caused by two things; one, bones of your spine misaligning and becoming stuck forward. Two, the buildup of internal spinal scar-tissue that glues your spine together from the inside. These two things are looked for and corrected exclusively by ABC doctors. When the spine goes forward it causes a tension within your spinal cord and brainstem. This tension transfers peripherally out to your exiting nerves as well, especially the nerves down the arm. This tension on the nerve that runs down the arm decreases nerve communication and thus causes numbness and tingling. By bringing bones backward and eliminating this internal scar tissue, we are able to eliminate the nerve tension and thus eliminate the cause of the numbness and tingling.

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