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ABC vs Regular Chiropractic Care


Advanced Biostructural Correction technique has discovered the exact reasons why regular-style Chiropractic has not been effective for many patients. Here are the pivotal discoveries ABC™ addresses:

1. Bones of the spine misalign forward. So, we gently push them backwards.
2. The body builds an internal scar tissue within the spine that binds the bones and nervous system together. This creates a tension in the spinal cord and brainstem which leads to the different symptoms people experience.

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Regular-style Chiropractic has gotten the profession this far because it has given many people relief of their symptoms. But sadly, it has lacked the true mechanisms on how to correct issues long-term. Here’s why:

1. Pushes the bones forward (wrong direction). The bones are already forward, which is why we see the typical forward slumped posture.
2. Does not address the internal scar tissue built within the spine. Over time, this scar tissue will continue to thicken creating a stiff spine, less range of motion, and increased tension in the spinal cord and brainstem. Leading to an abundance of neurological symptoms with increasing age.

Nutrition Testing & Energy Healing Vs Modern Medicine

Tired of the same old thing when you feel unhealthy and no matter what you do or which doctor you see there is no resolution. Our Nutrition Response Testing is unlike any other nutritional health, here we evaluate and get down to the root problem and provide natural non-invasive nutritional intervention so you can begin to live a healthy life again.

Nutrition Testing & Energy Healing

  1. Evaluates the body as a whole, i.e. one system of the body can shut down others
  2. Views symptoms for what they are, an attempt at healing
  3. Does not treat symptoms or disease, looks for root-cause of ill health
  4. Supports weak areas of the body utilizing dietary changes, food supplements, herbs, and homeopathic remedies to restore health.


  1. Evaluates the body in pieces, i.e. splits the body into sections. Example: cardiologist, gastroenterologist, rheumatologist
  2. Views symptoms as the disease, not a healing reaction of the body
  3. Treats symptoms & disease, no discussion about where these things are come from
  4. Treats symptoms and disease with pharmaceutical drugs and surgery.

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See How a Local Chiropractor Can Offer Pain Management in Surprise, AZ

Living with pain and reduced mobility can have a devastating impact on your life. Chiropractic therapy offers a non-invasive way to relieve pain while reducing your dependence on harmful medications. If you are looking for the best chiropractor in Surprise, AZ, look no further than the team at Springback Chiropractic. We offer a range of chiropractic treatment options that are designed to rehabilitate and restore the movements you are having difficulty with while relieving your pain with lasting results.

How Does Chiropractic Treatment Work?

There are many chiropractic treatment benefits that can enhance your quality of life. By undergoing a chiropractic adjustment, you have the ability to realign the bones and muscles in your back in order to relieve pressure, reduce pain and increase mobility while increasing the function of your nervous system. When combined, all of these effects allow you to move better while feeling less pain. At Springback Chiropractic, we create individualized treatment programs for chiropractic care that focus on your specific issues for a more restorative approach to health and wellbeing.

Unlock Your Healing Potential with Emotion Code and Body Code

As a certified Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner in Surprise, AZ, Dr. Bain has the knowledge and skills to help individuals release trapped emotions that may be contributing to physical pain or discomfort in the body. The Emotion Code and Body Code are powerful and effective healing modalities that use muscle testing to identify and release these trapped emotions, allowing the body to naturally heal itself and restore balance. I have seen firsthand the transformative effects of these techniques and am passionate about helping others achieve optimal health and well-being through their use.

Where Can I Find a Chiropractor Near Me?

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Surprise, Sun City & Sun City West, AZ, SpringBack Chiropractic offers the most effective treatment options delivered by qualified and experienced professionals. Our goal is to restore your body to complete health using our evidence-based techniques. If pain is causing you concern, then we invite you to schedule an appointment by calling our team at (623) 226-7527.


What is a Chiropractor?

A chiropractic is a spinal specialists who address common body issues like pain, range of motion, and more.

What is Chiropractic Care?

At Springback Chiropractic we use the ABC technique. The ABC technique helps with moving the bones backwards and reducing the scar tissue within the spine. To learn more about our technique give us a call today. We create an individual treatment program to help focus on your specific issues to achieve a better health and wellbeing.

What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Our chiropractic adjustments are done using the ABC technique which is different than your traditional chiropractic adjustment. This allows the spine to move better and immediate improvement of posture and symptoms.

Are Chiropractic Adjustments Safe?

Yes chiropractic adjustments are safe and can be very beneficial for your health.

How Much Will It Cost to See a Chiropractor?

This varies per person as every patient requires a customized plan for their needs.

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